XMediusFAX IP fax servers – deployed by enterprises, governments and service providers worldwide since 2002

XMediusFAX is a fast, secure and robust IP fax server solution that has proven its market leadership in boardless (software-only) T.38 Fax over IP. For five consecutive years, it has ranked #1 in the global IP fax market and garnered numerous IP telephony awards.

Leverage your VoIP investment and realize productivity gains immediately with secure, real-time IP fax delivered directly to employee inboxes, while also protecting document privacy and facilitating compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

XMediusFAX yields immediate and unparalleled ROI because it eliminates costly analog phone lines, fax boards, long-distance charges, toners, paper and maintenance.


  • >1000 users
  • Integration with email, CRM etc.
  • Redundancy and Fail-over
  • OCR Routing
  • ISDN/Analog and/or IP

XMediusFAX Enterprise

  • 1000 users
  • Integration with CRM etc.
  • Integration with any email environment


XMediusFAX Express

  • Upto 100 users
  • Max. 4 channels
  • Email integration