ACS explanation

Scaled to your needs

ACS comes in two editions:

  • ACS Light
  • ACS Enterprise

Both are specifically tailored to meet your business needs.

The ACS Appliance includes hardware redundancy to achieve high availability. Multiple appliances can be used together to further improve resilience and/or to support more users. Our Software Only deployment, installed on your exiting virtualization platform, leverages the investment for High Availability you already made.

ACS Light

ACS Light is optimized for companies that have a strong existing telecommunications infrastructure, which does not yet need to be replaced.

ACS Light offers the following features:

  • Presence & Chat only
  • Easy upgrade to “Enterprise” model
  • 25-2500 users

ACS Enterprise

ACS Enterprise is optimized for companies that fully want to benefit from the business changing benefits of Unified Communications. ACS Enterprise works very well with existing telecommunications infrastructure and has the capacity replace the existing PBX if needed.

ACS Enterprise offers the following features:

  • Full featured:
    • Presence & Chat
    • Voice
    • Video
    • Collaboration
  • Up to 2500 users per appliance
  • Max 250 simultaneous external Voice and Video sessions
  • Deploy on your virtualization platform or combine multiple appliances for high availability, more Voice & Video sessions and more users (up to 80.000)

Your box or ours

ACS can run as a virtual appliance and is tested on all major virtualization platforms, including VMware and Hyper-V. It can be part of your private cloud or even run in a public data center.

The ACS Appliance comes with a Dell rack server fully pre-configured and optimized for Lync.

Why ACS?

In addition to all standard Lync features, ACS makes your life easier by providing:

  • an efficient, scalable and reliable solution
  • one single admin interface for setup, configuration and Moves, Adds and Changes
  • an Active Directory Connector which prevents any impact on a company’s Active Directory. Multiple Active Directories can be easily connected to one Lync deployment based on ACS
  • centralized Call Forwarding management
  • automatic user management to add or remove Lync accounts based on their AD group membership

1U ACS appliance - also available as 2U or fully virtualized
The “plug&play” ACS appliance is ready to become the heart of your Unified Communications
(also available as a virtualized soft appliance)